DCF matters

Department of Children and Families dependency cases

Being involved in a Department of Children and Families (DCF) dependency case is extremely difficult. Dependency cases involve allegations of abuse, abandonment, or neglect. Often a dependency case starts when a complaint is filed with DCF. When a report is made to DCF, an investigation is started. If the investigation concludes the child at issue is being abused, neglected, or abandoned, DCF may bring an action in dependency court to terminate parental rights.

The Department of Children and Families is able to remove the child from a home. The child is generally placed with a relative or friend, however, the court may order the child to remain outside of the home until the case is concluded. In those instances, the parent is usually granted visitation rights, and sometimes supervised visitation is ordered by the court.

The court’s main concerns during a dependency case are the child’s safety and the reunification of the family. DCF and the court gives the family any aid and access to services necessary to improve the state of the home. DCF also provides a plan the parent must follow to dismiss or close the dependency case. If the parent fails to complete this plan, their parental rights may be terminated.

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