Domestic Violence and Injunctions

Domestic Violence and Injunctions

Domestic violence and injunctions can be related to divorce, contentious family matters, and non-marital situations. We are vigorous advocates for the rights and safety of all our clients whether they are victims of domestic violence or accused of domestic violence.

Domestic Violence

is a pattern of controlling behaviors – violence or threats of violence – that one person uses to establish power over an intimate partner in order to control that partner’s actions and activities. Domestic violence is not a disagreement, a marital spat, or an anger management problem.

These and many other behaviors are classified as domestic violence when they occur between spouses or former spouses, people in dating or live-in relationships or former relationships, people who have common children, or other people living in the same house.

Examples of domestic violence may include the following, or other unwanted behavior.

  • Hurting you physically – slapping, hair pulling, strangling, hitting, kicking, grabbing, excessively squeezing or shaking, twisting your arms, burning you, or intentionally injuring you in any way.
  • Using your children against you.
  • Calling you names and hurting you emotionally.
  • Harming your pets.
  • Acting with extreme jealousy and possessiveness.
  • Isolating you from family and friends.
  • Threatening to commit suicide or to kill you.
  • Controlling your money.
  • Withholding medical help.
  • Stalking you.
  • Demanding sex or unwanted sex practices.
  • Hiding assistive devices.
  • Minimizing the destructive behavior.
  • Threatening to “out” you if you are Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, or transgender.
  • Controlling you with “that certain look in their eyes” or certain gestures.

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An attorney can help victims of domestic violence by educating them about the process of obtaining a personal protection order (PPO) that requires the alleged abuser to stay away from the person requesting the PPO. William J. McClellan is available to help clients expedite the process of obtaining a protection order.


A person who is a victim of domestic violence or reasonably believes they are in imminent danger of becoming a victim of domestic violence can request an injunction for protection against physical abuse. These petitions may be filed by family members, household members, and spouses who share a child. We have experience filing petitions for protection and defending clients against false petitions filed against them.

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